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Lee Anne Mathews Into the Woods
Lee Anne Mathews
Lee Anne Mathews Church Basement Ladies
Lee Anne Mathews Headshot Shandon Photography
Lee Anne Mathews The Wild Party
Lee Anne Mathews My Name is Asher Lev
Lee Anne Mathews Menopause the Musical

Into the Woods

freeFall Theatre - Dir. Eric Davis

Holiday Cabaret

Dramatic Licence Productions

dir Pam Recamp

The Wild Party

freeFall Theatre - Dir. Eric Davis

Church Basement Ladies

The Playhouse @ Westport Plaza

dir. Emily Clinger

My Name is Asher Lev

New Jewish Theatre -dir. Deanna Jent

Menopause the Musical

Fox 2 News Press Day

Lee Anne Acting Resume.jpg

Church Basement Ladies Interview

Show Me St. Louis

Lee Anne Mathews Muny My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady - The Muny

Dir. Marc Bruni

Menopause the Musical Interview

STL City Corner

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